And when I die..........
This is a bonus entry for ya if you can find it and you don't mind reading and not seeing any pictures..... I need to write this down so I will never forget the way I'm feeling right now..... I went and saw my grandpa at the nursing home and consider myself a man but I have been on the verge of crying ever since then...... I'm not sure he recognized me at all and could hardly talk...... I'm pretty upset that a man who was so strong mentally and physically up until now doesn't have much of a mind anymore and is very feeble looking.... More than likely this will be the last time I see him so I made it a point to tell him that I loved him....... I know I have said it before but the cycle of life sure can suck!!!!! OK!!! I promise the next entry I write will be funny and have pictures..... Have a good night...


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