Here we go again!!!! I was in Big Lots the other day and I was drawn to the bags of grass seed they sell!!!! Now granted, I know it's probably not the best seed man has ever created !!! I'm sure it has weed seeds in it and everything. BUT!!! For the price, $7, I'm willing to take that gamble!!!! Before I can plant it I need to do some prepping and planning.... Not only did I find grass seed there BUT also some weed/crabgrass killer spray, potting soil and insect killer to spread out on my lawn.... AND don't get me started on all the yard tools they have! Big Lots is a plethora of yard stuff! Like that???? Plethora is a pretty big word for me! I am using the side of my house as my test center....

I guess you could call it the "McBride Research & Development Facility"... OK.... First thing I did was test the weed/crabgrass spray...... This is sooooo anal of me but I sprayed two areas. One with a spray I bought at Big Lots and the other one from Dollar General. As you can see, I placed flags in each area so I know what product I sprayed!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE!!! You don't see that too much do you? Except a late night infomercial for Oxiclean!

Yeap!! I am a full fledge cheapo!!!! Guilty as charged!!! BUT DANGIT!!!!!! I'm all about getting more bang for my buck!!!!

So now it's a waiting game.... I need to see what product works the best and then I will spray the whole area and kill all the nasty weeds and moss... Then fertilize and lay down the grass seed and water the heck out of it!!!!! I wish I had one of those time lapse cameras so you could see every minute of the fun but I don't! Unless they start selling them at Big Lots!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Anyways, I will continue to take pictures of the progress!

So exhibit 'A' won the contest so I poured it into a sprayer and mixed it with some water, you know, So I could get more out of it!!! HE HE HE HE!!! And Bailey helped kill grass too by using her potent pee!!!!

All the grass is dead and I 'hard raked' it and spread the seed and some fertilizer my brother gave me.. Yeap!!! I am such a hand-me-down guy!!!! But who cares!!!!! If it works then we will all be happy right????? If not, then I'll just start over with a better grass seed... No harm no foul.....

Alrighty kids!!! I'm off to VA. to Boike and Mese's horse farm to play on their tractor and new skid loader!!!!! That thing can rip out tree trucks!!!!!
I'm also going to learn how to ride a horse!!!!! One of the many things in the 'evolving of Andy'!!!!! Plus I hear chicks dig it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know... I say that all the time but it's true... And to cap it off, we are going to the Gold Cup Steeple Chase!!!!Don't worry!!! I'll have pictures of the whole thing so don't get your underwear in a wad!!!!!


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