No hot water??? NO PROBLEM!!!! Friday night I went to bed without shutting the garage door... WHOOPS!!!! Well it got pretty cold down here... Like 20 degrees!!!! I KNOW!!!! People who are from up north are saying "KRIPES!!!! That ain't cold!!! Try waking up to -24 degrees you whimp!!!". LOOK!!! It's pretty cold down here alright! Let's get back on track!!! When I went to wash some dishes there was nothing coming out of the facet when I turned it to hot.... DANG!!!! The cold water was coming out just fine.... So I headed out to the workshop were the "Hot water on demand" system is and sure enough the water going into the unit was frozen but luckily no pipes had burst!!! It took a few hours but it thawed out and all is well.... That's the last time I leave my garage door open on a freezing night!!

Oh yeah. They informed us that we are laid off!! DANG!!! Do I smell or something????? This is the 2nd layoff in the last 6 months!!!! KRIPES!!!!

No new pictures yet..... I'm kinda thinking about getting a JOB before I am the retaining wall!!! Talk to you later....


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