DANG!!!!! When in the wide world of sports am I going to realize that I am not 22 anymore and working all day causes me to spend a week trying to recoup my sore back and muscles?????
Kripes! My house smells like my Grandpa & Grandma Cawleys with the unique order of Ben Gay......God rest their souls!!!!

The natural area is done!! WOO HOO!!!! Take a look and tell me what you think..... If you ask me, I think the guy that built it is a SUPERSTAR!!!! Give him a saws-all and a level and he is unstoppable!!!! You can't stop him but you can only hope to contain him!!!!

Bordering the driveway was a breeze compared to the constant digging and leveling I had to do for the natural area....

It's looking like Uncle Sam owes me a nice sum of money..... At least it seems that way. I used Turbo Tax and it walked me through it all and I even went through it twice to make sure I was coming up with the right figure. With my return I'm planning on having a 'hot water on demand' system. My aunt and uncle have one and my uncle Bill is one fart smeller, I mean, one smart fella..... He is definitely on my 'phone a friend' list if I am ever on "Who wants to be a millionaire". I'm pretty sure he did all the research into one and if it's good enough for him then it's good enough for this hick in Lancaster, SC. With everything I have read about them it's a win/win situation. See for yourself!!!!


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