Yeah I know it's only the first weekend of January
but it's been SWEET so far..... Santa was good to me at the end of 2006 even though I'm usually a scrooge at that time of the season. This is all of my Christmas decorating for the whole house!!!

That's right!!! I have a wreath on the front door and that's it. The only reason it's there is because my mom and dad got it for me and demanded it go up.... No tree , lights, plastic Santa Clause or manger scenes. If I want to experience Christmas I can just head over to me parent's house......

All I ask for is stuff for the house.... Things that I know will look good for the ladies and ahhhhhhhhhh stuff that they could give a dang about.......... Take for instance this sectional rug that I know will drive girls crazy like the hard wood floors.

And then I got this for my computer area.... Not too glamorous but damn practical!!!

As you all know, I mentioned how I take the winter off to hibernate, watching a ton of TV and drinking a few beers, but being that global warming is in high gear and it's been near 70 the last couple of days I decided to play around out in the yard. I started to tackle an area that I thought I took care of last year. I sectioned off an area and made it into a natural area. That's just another name for a part of your yard where grass never grows.... As anybody that has known me for at least an hour knows I am a huge fan of bargain shopping! Big Lots is my second home and they had rolls of landscaping border... I saw it and bought a bunch of it thinking it would be easy to install and look GREEEEEEEEEEEAT! Well I was sadly mistaken. I don't need a professional landscaper or anybody just driving by the house to tell me it looks like crap.... Look for yourself...

Told ya... It was time to actually pay the money and do some hard labor so when you drive by your not mistaking my front yard for a local garbage dump. I bought a few 8 ft. long wood borders and went to work.

Yeah yeah yeah, I known the line isn't straight. I just placed them there to see how they would look... The can of beer in the tree was placed there because I didn't want to knock it over doing all my work. My neighbor Greg came over and said I was doing too much work and I looked like I needed to take a break and have a beer with him. Don't have to twist my arm....YUMMY!

So I did enough for one day...... I was going to finish it all up Sunday but it rained like crazy!!!! I did do some work but I had to stop being I was soaking wet and beat from all the dang digging and leveling I have been doing the last two days... SOOOOOO you will have to wait until my next update to see the final product...

Well it's the next weekend and it's STILL not done!!!!! I need to go and get some more material... But here is what I have so far.....

OH YEAH!!!!! This is the next project that I have already started on. I plan on placing those cedar landscaping borders along the whole stretch on driveway..... As you can see I have a few in place already.....


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