SKEEBO 2002-2006

As you all know, Skeebo was a house guest for about three weeks. She was a GREAT dog and was happier than heck to just chill out and watch some TV with me... Needless to say, we had a groovy time together. It was so nice to come home and have her all happy to see me. Anyways, her mom came and got her and she was all ready to be adopted but she took a turn for the worse. Her mobility was limited due to hip displacement which is pretty common in big dogs. Plus she had a history of strokes AND then her kidneys started to fail... Heck of a laundry list huh???? They rushed her to the vet and there wasn't much left to do. It was best to put her to sleep to stop the suffering. I'm going to miss my buddy.....

Not much new on the home front. OH WAIT!!! There is one thing! LEAVES SUCK!!!! They are all over my yard and clogging up my gutters. So I spent yesterday getting up on my ladder and cleaning all of the gutters.... MAN they were stuffed with leaves! I also showed all of 'em who was boss and busted out the tractor! I spent half the day blowing all of them into a little gully in the back... I think all of them are down from the trees.... At least I hope so, I don't want to rake anymore!!!! Have a good one!


Anonymous said…
You think you have leaves come join me. I'll show you leaves!
Brew Dog

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