SNOW STORM 2007!!! NEWS AT 11!!!!!

I stole that from Erv Weinstein up in Buffalo.... He always said that on commercial breaks while I was watching "That's Incredible"... Crazy guy!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO I woke up and this is what I saw!!! About 2 inches of snow!!! WOO HOO!!! All you Yankees want another reason to move down to the Palmetto State, South Carolina, besides the great weather, average temperature is 55 degrees year round and you still get the change of seasons, amazingly low cost of living, nice people, JOBS, very low taxes, that everything shuts down when it snows!!! PEOPLE!!!! Let me repeat that in case you didn't read that right, everything shuts down when it snows!!! It snows down here about every 3-4 years and when it does it's an event! It's not like up north where there is a chance of snow from October through April and it's depressing.... Down here it snows for a day and it melts the next!!! So you get your fill of snow for the year and it's gone the next day... Gotta love that! I went for my walk and snapped a few pictures.....

OH I have so big news!!! Details soon!!!! All I can say is that it has to do with a landscaping job that will take me at least a month to complete, The Lancaster & Chester Railroad Co., and some great memories of a great family friend, Steve Kockler!!!!!!


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