Well now.... Things sure can change in a second can't they????? While on vacation this week I was informed that they are laying off, I'm sorry, the corporate term is 'downsizing' my department and I have two months to find another job before they kick my butt to the curb..... Kinda ruined my vacation but only for a day..... I was shocked more then I was angry. I have never been laid off..... Bummer huh!?!?!? But let's put in perspective shall we....... I'm single with only a few things that can be considered debt, my house and car. I could be facing what a lot of people I work with have... A family to support..... That would suck..... Sure this can put some stress in my life but I consider stress as being a 18 year kid on a landing boat ready to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day knowing damn well that the odds of you surviving is slim to none. Now that's stress!!!!!

Sorry to start this entry out with crappy news...... Now the good stuff!!!! My house survived it's first guests!!!!! The Haver clan came down from WI. to visit me for a few days...... They brought their four kids and 120 pound lab...... They have the nicest RV I have seen and parked their hotel on wheels in my driveway.

The kids and the dog had free rein on the house and they can make quite the mess but I wouldn't want it any different..... The Havers are my second family.... I love them and I will NEVER forget the way they helped me out during some rough times..... Great people and the BEST kids!!

They left Friday morning and I went to work on the yard...... I built some borders around each of the trees in the front yard.

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Mom and dad brought back some plants from grandma McBride's house up in Ohio. They are flowering and looking as good as anything you have ever seen on TLC or the HGTV.

I also applied a little cosmetic work to the porch. I went and bought some plastic ladis (SP) for the stairs......

I'm off to find a job and enjoy the 4th of July with all my friends on lake Wylie..... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD STUFF!!!!! Nothing like a weekend full of marinating in an inner tube with a cold beer enjoying the sun and good friends..... It doesn't get any better than that..... HEY!?! Wasn't that from an Old Milwaukee commercial? There is always so much relaxing going on that I need a nap!!!!! Enjoy!!!!


.karen. said…
What?! No lamentation about missing cousin Joe's wedding and the Cawley crew on the 4th? COME ON ANDREW!!!

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