Nobody reads what I write do they????? Here's an actual email I received, "Drew! Thanks for letting me know that your blog is updated but where are the pictures? I really like seeing the before and after ones. DREW!!! I NEED PICTURES!"I understand that people want pictures!!!!! Well! I am here to satify your hunger..... It has been almost a year since Evel Kenevel gave this house to my bride to be and myself and look at all I have accomplished!?!??! This is what I did this weekend:

Do yourself a favor! Get mulch!!!!! It's cheap and easy to use kind of like some dates I have been on. I bought this at the Fox Hole recycling center up highway 521. It's part of the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg county yard waste facilities. Check it out. Do you know how much mulch I got for freakin' $7 bucks!?!? The guy there, Dale, hooked me up!!!! He just kept on dumping mulch in the back!!! 'Conservative' was not in his vocabulary.

I mulched both sides of the porch.

I also planted day lilies in the front and on the sides of the back deck. Give it a few years and they are really going to fill in that ditch. I really need to thank Mr. Boike for giving them to me!!!! He gave me more day lilies than I know what to do with. I ran out of places to plant them. Anyone need some????

We planted a dogwood in the back corner..... Big Ron then used some of the landscape borders to make a nice little area that is a work in progress. I plan on heading back up to see Dale and having him fill me up with some compost. I'll throw it in that area and get some more plates and make it look GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

I placed a couple false statements in this last blog hoping that people read them and ask me what the heck I'm talking about.... Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.


Anonymous said…
Andy it is looking very nice. Yes people read your blog.. At least I do it is nice to see what you get accomplished and where you plan to take your nice humble home. Keep up the great work I look forward to one day seeing the finished project.
Anonymous said…

For a gay man, you are very handy.

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