Pine straw is a rip off down here...... I think it's only down south. I have not seen it in any other part of the country. I made an executive decision not to buy into the propaganda. It also helps that they sell mulch cheap as hell at the county recycing center!!! SCORE!!!! Here is how I figure it. I have the truck, a pitch folk, two newly retired parents with good backs, time and most of all I have a body built for sin and an appetite for passion!!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!! That's from and old Kiss song and I think it's such a funny line that I had to use it.... But really everything except for the body- appetite line is true. Unless you are a single girl and I aroused your imagination!!!! Email me and I will give you my #!!!!!!!!!Tomorrow I'll go over there and have the guys dump a load in the back..... I'm thinking I can get almost 2 cubic yards of mulch. How much is in a cubic yard? Here is a conservation table for ya...... DANG I love the internet!!!! So much free porn, I mean useful information....... UMMMM Please strike that 'free porn' statement from the record.... Back to the mulch. I'll be spreading it out all weekend.

I have been a busy bee doing a ton of yard work...... Here is the condensed list:
  • Planted a few rose bushes that were given to me by my Grandma McBride.
  • Mixed up some Round Up and killed all the unwanted grass.
  • Bought a dogwood tree and just planted it in the corner of the house.
  • Placed plastic landscaping border around each tree and part of the driveway.
  • Pruned back all the trees and bushes that outline the front and back yards.
  • Received some cedar wood landscaping border and cleaned them up so I can place them as a border between the front ditch and yard.
  • Other stuff that I cannot think of right now.
That sure shows some ambition doesn't it??????? Speaking of that..... I had someone tell me that I am not ambitious because I didn't want to get all stressed and climb the corporate ladder so I could potentially make more money..... I'm very happy were I am in my life. I have a great house, a pretty stress free life style, a great job that pays me well and good benefits.... I have ambition! I have ambition to come home after work and do yard work. I have ambition to have as much fun as I can when I am with my friends whether it's camping out or chilling out on the front porch. I have ambition to do the best job I can bush hogging one of my best friend's fields at his farm. I have ambition to never ever live pay check to pay check. The list goes on!!! I want to hear what ya-all have to say..... What's your definition of ambition and if you think I'm a lazy SOB.

I'll have another update after this weekend full of pictures!


Fuck You Google said…
What's up Andy!

I'm so happy I found your blog, bro.
Anonymous said…
Sure would be nice if some people didn't send me SPAM!!!!! Hey Chaptechie please don't send me crap OK bro?!?!?!?!
Anonymous said…
You are dead one with each his own.
HC said…
I like this school of thinking. I think ambition is highly overrated. Ambition can cause you to loose your hair, drink too much, have stress headaches, keeping up with the 'Jones'' and ulcers. Then what have you got? Life is too short to do something you don't like! My other (non-original) thought on this topic is that if/when opportunity knocks remember to answer the door!

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