I hope everybody had a happy Easter. I'm almost 33 and the Easter bunny STILL hooks me up with a basket!!! MMMMMMMM! Nothing like chowing down chocolate at 8 in the morning. You'd think after all these years that I would learn that all the chocolate I eat that morning is the direct reason that I have to go to the bathroom early and often..... HELLO!!!! It's a laxative!!!!! OH WELL!!! Old habits die hard......

So my friend Joe was finally able to come over and help me build a storage shelf in the garage. Either he or I have been busy every weekend since January..... But we arranged for Saturday to get the dang thing built, and may I say it looks like Norm and the gang from 'This Old House' built the thing.
As you can see, I had all kinds of crap that I needed to get out of the way so I didn't hit anything when I pulled my car in.

And the finished product!!!!

Looks pretty good huh???? Joe helped out a lot!!!! He was a carpenter before he started loosing his hair!!!!! HE HE HE HE!!! No but seriously he is a great guy.... His dad was a minister and he studied to become one himself...... He is thinking about going back and getting his masters in theology. It's great. He gives me the low down on all religions. Thanks to Joe I can tell you which ones are whacked out, the one Tom Cruise is in, and the more traditional ones and what they believe in.... GOD BLESS him!!!! He has broadened my views.... I use to think that there was only one lane on the highway to hell but thanks to Joe now I know that there is an express lane too... And guess what lane I'm on!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! HE HE HE HE!!! Right now everyone under 40 has the opening riffs to AC/DC's Highway To Hell playing in there head...... Have a good one!


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