IT'S GOING TO BE 80 DEGREES SATURDAY!!!!!!! Can I get a HELL YEAH!?!?!?!? I sound like Stone Cold Steve Austin........ I love spring! The days are longer so I can play around out in the yard when I get home and of course it's warm!!! WOO HOO! I think I mentioned in my last update that it was going to take me at least 5 weekends to finish digging the ditch.... Well! I am one hell of a fortune teller because it's been about that long to finish it off.... AND I'm still not done. I have about 10 more feet to go. I had a setback.. A stupid cedar tree was in the way of my progress!!!! But like a Super Wal-Mart plowing into a town, I showed it who was boss!!!!

That tree stump had no chance going up against a chain and a truck with a big old V8!

With that out of the way, I'll be finishing up the ditch this week.

I don't think mother nature was too pleased about me ripping out one of her trees. After I was done for the day I went to put my truck back into 2 wheel drive and the dang gear shift wouldn't budge! I was stuck in 4 wheel drive!!!! GREAT!!!! So I drove it into my drive way all the while pushing and pulling the shifter with everything I had in me...... I tried it all, going in reverse, putting it in neutral, standing on my head and chanting like a monk. I made that last one up. But nothing worked...... I tried one more time to push the shifter and I felt a something go in my arm! DANG!!!! I must of pulled a muscle! I had enough and just shut the truck off and called it a night.

The next day at work I stressed about it! I kept on thinking. "OH DANG!!!! I have to take it to the Ford dealer and have them look! How much are they going to charge??" So when I came home from work I accepted the fact that I need to take it to the dealer. So I jumped in and started her up. I thought it wouldn't hurt if I tried again to get it into 2 wheel. Without hardly any effort the shifter went into the 2 wheel drive position like it had a hundred times before. MAN!! Was I relieved! So from now on I will never EVER put it in 4 wheel!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!! NEVER EVER!!!!


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