WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE?????? I just realized that I have had the house for one year now!!!! I closed on it 7/15/2005..... WOW!!!! I have done a lot in the last year and y-all have been there with me the whole way! I'm going to sound like those old guys on the Bartel & James commercials and say "I thank you for your continued support." Remember those???? I think they ran back in the 80's.

Well I have been one traveling fool since the last time I posted anything on here. Last weekend I was on the 'Andy M. Summer tour 2006' that took me up to NY, NO not the city! The good part of NY. Western NY!!!! We had the Cawley family reunion. It rained all day but that did not stop the beer from flowing and meeting all the family members that I had never met... I brought up my draft system and hooked that baby up to the keg and it worked like the days I built it ten freakin' years ago!!! Can you say "Mcgiever"??? It was a great day but I had a headache and had to be driven home that night.... DAMN headaches!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! GUESS WHAT???? My cousins Carmen & Kathy hooked me up with all the snacks!!!! I have dinner for the next month thanks to them!!!! Talk about a great family!!!! They are lookin' after me!!! I consider it a contribution to the 'Andy, I'm going hungry, McBride' fund....

I also hit the wonderful state of OH to visit my grandparents... They are getting up there in age and are limited on what they can do BUT they still have one of the best yards I have ever seen!!!! It's still as immaculate as when we would go and visit them when I was a kid. Grandma gave me a few thinks for the house which I'll show you in a few minutes.

AND NOW!!! I thought I would give you an update on the job situation. They placed me in another department as a 'work share' program. Basically it's set up like this. You go over still as an employee of your old department and learn the processes of the new dept. and if you show that you are a good worker then they might hire you on... PLEASE GOD!!!!! Hire me!!!! OK.... I need your help! Please pray to whatever God you worship and ask him/her to look over me and I get hired on in this new dept.. Can you do that for me!?!?!?!?!? Women kinda frown on guys that don't have jobs...... HE HE HE HE HE HE!!!

HEY!!! Check it out! On my way home from Ohio I hit a nasty rain storm in West BY GOD Virginia and hydro planed the Civic across I-77! I did two complete 360s and thought that I might pull it out but then I slammed into the guardrail..... Tore up the fender pretty good and the door would only open half way. Nothing a crow bar can't fix!!!! All those hours that I have watched NASCAR helped me out! Throughout the whole spinning I kept the clutch in so the car still was running when I slammed the guardrail. I sat there for a second and collected my thoughts then threw her in first and went on my way..... I wasn't about to stop and ask for help in WV. KRIPES!!! I've seen Deliverance!!! Not going to be that guy!

As you all know, I have been focusing on the yard and all the work that needs to be done. Well I'm done spreading mulch next to the driveway.

I decided to also make a natural are around the big tree as well... Grass was not about to grow there so I said FORGET IT!!! I'll just throw some mulch there.... Grandma McBride gave me some more day lillys and I planted them there and CHECK it out!!! She also gave me a big old plastic owl!!!!! I threw it up in the tree not to scare any kritters but to freak people out...... I can see it now! I'll be having some friends over and we are relaxing on the front porch when one of them notices the owl and says "OH MY GOD!!! look! There is an owl over there in the tree and he is staring at all of us!". AHHHHH Yes! The stupid things that I find humor in!

Have a good one and i'll talk to you later......


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