Well everything is falling into place. The guys will start installing the carpet Tuesday. I am having them build a 4x8 section of hard wood flooring as you walk into the front door. It can be a place people put their shoes so they don't get the carpet of the Shargi La dirty. Plus chicks LOVE hard wood flooring!!!!! I just made that up I really don't know if all woman like it. Wonder if there is a scientific study on it? I'll have to Google it when I am done here. I'll let you know what I find. Back to the house. The rooms are all painted and trimmed. I spent this weekend doing some cleaning up outside. Saturday I borrowed a chipper/shredder, THANKS Mr. And Mrs Boike yes that is their real last name, and went to town on all the limbs I cut down from all the trees in the front and back. This is what they looked like before I did some pruning.

This is the pile I had after I used the chain saw on them like the guy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

That chipper/shedder went through that pile like a hot knife through butter!!!


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