The inside is almost ready for the carpet. I just need to trim up some of the rooms and we should be good to go. Being that the carpet guys are not coming out to measure until Friday, I decided to start work outside. The front porch was in dyer need of some love. The paint on the railing was piss poor to say the lease and the floor of the porch needed to be pressure washed. So I busted it out and started cleaning. Side bar, if you are a homeowner it is in your best interest to get a pressure washer. I have a little electric 1600 psi one and it cleans anything I need. Dare I say the best $180 I ever spent!! Look what it did to the porch.

It's like night and day! I let the wood dry and then sprayed it with Thompson's water seal.

The wood was in such bad shape that I had to spray two coats on it. The wood just soaked it all up on the first coat. I let it dry for a few days and then we started priming and painting the railing. My dad was happier then a pig in slop because he was able to play with his new toy the Wagner Power Painter.... Here are the results.

The final results.


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