Well Big Ron is off to China for a week. So that leaves mom and I. She was not sure what she wanted to do with the kitchen. One day she wanted to paint it. The next day she wanted to wallpaper it.....WOMEN!!!! GEEZ! Well she finally made up her mind. Wallpaper it is. So we cruised over to Lowes and picked some up.

Yeap! That's my feet propped up on a chair watching her work. What a trooper huh!?!? Actually I was taking a break from working out in the garage. It was like 114 degrees out there!!! As a guy down in Talladega told me, "It's hotter then the hubs of hell!" Whatever that means... Anyways, she finished one of the walls and will get it all up tomorrow. The place should look great.
During last week I showed the house to my friend Joe. I told him that the refrigerator I was getting is black and the dishwasher and oven were almond. He said that almost all companies make dishwashers so you can just reverse the front cover of them. They are either almond or black. So while I was eating lunch I started to look it over. Sure enough there were two plates that I just simply turned around and wa la!!! I have a black dishwasher!!

I did some more stuff this weekend but DANG!!! My bed is calling me. I'm beat. I guess being outside for the last two days when it was 100 degrees will do that to you. I'll tell you all about my other projects tomorrow.


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