I placed a bid on it the next day. The bank holding the house rejected it. They stated that they had another offer and it was close to being finalized. I was bummed but not devastated. I thought that if it was meant to be then....... You know the rest. A month went by and we were not having any luck at all finding a house I liked. Kudos to John cause he checked on the Lancaster house every morning when he got to the office. He noticed that the house was still showing as pending. Out of curiosity he called the realtor who listed the house. She told him that the other offer was falling apart. Apparently the people's credit was not what they stated it was. The bank was getting anxious to get it off their hands. They lowered the price and cleaned the place up. We went back to look at it again.

The place looked a lot better but the carpet was trashed and the rooms looked like they were painted by a 3 year old. Speaking of 3 year olds, all the walls had crayon and marker all over them. The kids used every wall to draw to their little heart's content. Despite all of that, we starting seeing the possibility the place had. Sure it would take some work but it wasn't like sending man to the moon. The house was in great shape and needed someone to give a damn about it and clean it up. I immediately told John to bid again. This time I bid a $1000 higher then they were asking. With in a day John called me and told me that they accepted my bid. HEE HAW!!!!! The closing would be July 15th.
That day came and I signed what seemed to be 500 documents. The place was mine!!!! Now the fun begins!!!!!


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