Alrighty! July 15th came and I closed on the house in the morning. My parents were going to meet me down at the house so we could start drawing up a game plan. We decided that the interior was going to be our first project. Our thought was to get the inside livable. Everything else can wait. First thing I did was rip out the carpet and padding.

From the pictures you can see how messy and dusty it was. The carpet had, as my mother would call it, pet stains. I just called it animal CRAP! It soaked through to the padding. YUMMY!!!!!
Next we had to wash all the walls before painting them. Unfortunately I missed that part, my two newly retired parents did that while I was at work. HE HE HE HE!!!!!
Here's a good one...... As you will see through out this process, my mom is the official interior decorator for this project. She knows damn well that if it was up to me I would have all rooms painted with the cheapest white I could find, probably stuff I found at Big Lots. THAT PLACE RULES!!!! Anyway, I am not one who cares about interior design and finding colors that match the pillow case on the freakin' bed. OK OK OK!!!!! Let's get back on track. Mom & dad cleaned all the walls and were ready for paint. Mom suggested a few colors to me for the main room. The people before me painted it an off white that even I cringed at. She was thinking a sunset yellow or something. This was my first mistake. My mom did not go to Home Depot with my dad and I. We were in the paint department looking through the colors. Here was my second mistake. Dad said to me "Well Andy, what color do you want to get?" I picked one out and asked him what he thought of it. "Looks good to me" he said. "You need to get 5 gallons of it." Right at that moment I said. "Big Ron are you sure you want to get this without mom's approval?" "Yeah why not? She'll like it" So we get all 5 gallons of it. Sure enough the next day when I called my parents to see how the painting was going dad said that she didn't like the color. JUDAS PRIEST ON A BICYCLE!!!!!!!! I had $130 in paint that was not dark enough for her liking..... DOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all was lost, dad played around with it and darken it up enough. We painted the main room with it.


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