WOO HOO!!!! I finally bought a house! I set up this site to show everyone the progress of getting the house up to "living in" condition.

A little background, my realtor, John Sepesy (704) 661-4897, told me about this place. It was a foreclosed property and he thought I should go out there and check it out. He explained that it had everything I was looking for, 1 acre of land, 2 car garage, workshop and in a small town. So I took mom & dad out there and this is what we saw:

As you can see the place was trashed. From the looks of it the creditors must have been right around the corner and the people took anything that they could fit in their car and got the hell out of there. There was food still in the kitchen, wet clothes in the shower and bath tub, closets full of stuff, unopened toys. HECK! I was thinking I could have my down payment for the house by selling all the toys on Ebay. There was no major damage. The place needed some TLC. I knew when I first walked in that this was the house I wanted even though my mother kept on saying "OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS MESS" when walking into every room.


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