DA BOOK!!!!!!

 This was the first blog entry that I DID NOT use DA BOOK (FaceBook) to announce that I posted a new blog entry. The last few years I have (slowly but surly) weened myself off of it. This is my thinking on it, as if anyone cares. DA BOOK is GREAT to get info to and from people ASAP because let's face it, EVERYONE is on it, BUT, it can soooooooooooooo cause 'issues' for ME!!! You see, I tend to say stuff on there that some may not appreciate. It's like crack cocaine to me!!! I can't just NOT say something if I deem your statues DUMB then I will say that and I have a few people that I have riled up and they have complained about it to others who then tell my mom about it and she then has a little chat with me.... ALSO I have been know to say stuff to old friends that are females that their husbands, fiances or boyfriends don't find too funny. So it's better if I go 'cold turkey' on it and use it ONLY when I need to communicate with someone and I don't have any other way to talk to them... 


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