The post that never was!!!!

 Remember when there was a bonus track on an album? ARTIST "This is a track we worked on BUT we had a change of heart and didn't finish it so it didn't make it on the album." Record label "We can reissue it later on and MARKET the 'bonus track' and people will buy it again! We will make a ton of money". WELL here is your BONUS TRACK! WOO HOO!!! Let's begin...... As you may know from talking to me or you are one of the 14.9k (I SWEAR TO GOD) followers of my brother on Twitter, I have an autistic nephew, JACK!

 I know the kid has some 'uphill battles' in the future and I deal with my life like he does, 'I know I have some 'issues' BUT I'm cool with the way I am'..... I think we ALL should deal with stuff the way he does! CAN I GET AN 'AMEN' FROM THE CONGREGATION?????? HA!!! ENOUGH of me preachin' to ya....... When I was designing DA ODE, I had the idea to just have a concrete circle around it poured, nothing fancy. Just a slab so I could tile it. Through the years, I had collected some old tile from projects and I have asked others if I could have any tile they had from theirs. HECK even got some from the parking lot of the old tile company in Olean, NY when I was up there. FYI- I was happier than a politician walking into a hotel room full of hookers and a mountain of 'nose candy' on the night stand when I saw all the tile in the parking lot. Picture me on all fours just picking up tile in an abandoned factory's parking lot! Pretty hot huh? Oh and I also got some from when Boike and I went to a 'we are selling everything' sale at the 'house of sorrows' UGH, there was so much mold that I got sick for it BUT I did get a box of tile for a dollar! SCORE!!!

 Meet Charlie-Airle! My God son (YES! I'm a Godfather!!!! This kids rocks because he is a very giving kid. He knows that his older brother has 'issues' and he protects him... He understands his role and accepts it. That's pretty cool if ya ask me.

 Last but not least is Nicholas! He soooooooooooooooo reminds me of ME at that age.... SHY to most people (WHAT HAPPENED YOU ASK), moody, clingy to his mom and the youngest..... OH and he has freckles like his grandma and I did...

 Like me, he LOVES firing up/annoying his older brothers and chuckling at stuff that might cause them issues. Example:. His friends, brothers and him were playing football and I was chilling out with my cousin by the outdoor fire place (YES I SAID OUTDOOR)

drinking some of my sister-in-law's foo-foo beer, when I hear some crying. I find his brother Charlie laying on the ground crying and saying that he's hurt because Nick fell on his leg..... Trying to be a mature adult figure, I consoled Charlie but the little kid in me came out and I started to chuckle because Nick was too. He was giggling like "HA!!! I just made my older brother cry."

 So there you have it, all McBride boys accounted for...

 Not sure if it's a 'generational' thing BUT the boys do not like FREE STYLE! They need to have directions to anything they do. So when I told them to just pick any tile and just put it wherever and treat it like the Legos I have: the key phrase was MAKE IT UP. They balked at it and SORT OF did it. So this was the moment when I decided use an idea they came up with and use it..... Jack used some of the tiles to spell his name.

 So I took the idea and 'borrowed' it like Steve Jobs did and this is what I did. It may not be 'perfect' but I know for a fact that I ain't and I am soooooooooooooo 'KOOL AND THE GANG' with that....

 ATTENTION! That WAS what this blog post was suppose to be BUT I was out putting some junk wood in the fire pit and some of the tiles were coming up already. I had a tarp over it and everything but it STILL got wet. FYI ANY MORTAR hates moister and the bond breaks down.... So at that very moment I decided to scrap my idea and take up all the tile... SIMPLICITY is golden!!! So DA ODE is just a fire pit and a concrete circle around it...... I and others can just sit out there in the chairs my Grandma McBride macromed and drink some beer while the fire is kickin' and I DON'T have to worry about any of the tile cracking or coming up. SOMETHING I DID do for DA ODE was weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll that will be in part II.......


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