Batman has the Joker, G.I Joe has COBRA, Sheriff Roscue P. Coltran has the Duke boys and I have a guy that is the spitting image of Wilford Brimley at the county dump..... Our back and forth feud began last summer when I was dumping some old shingles from my roof. Trust me, I have seen plenty of people dump them before!!!! I have figured that it ALL depends on who is the attendant that day because ‘Smoke Stack’, he is a chain smoker, is a cool guy. Through the years he has seen me come in and I ALWAYS talk to him. He’s laid back and if he sees me dumping something that’s ‘questionable’ he simple comes up to me and says that “You can’t dump that anymore. Please don’t get mad and never come back, It’s just that the company that recycles this stuff does not accept it.” He is very nice about it and I ‘RESPECT HIM’ and everything is copacetic. NOW with Wilford Brimley it’s a DIFFERENT story! He makes it a point to yell across the way at me saying, “WE DON’T ACCEPT THAT!” and does his best to embarrass me in front of the other people there. Since our first ‘encounter’ He questions EVERYTHING I bring. From batteries that I try to recycle, landscaping timbers and the old wood from my steps. He ‘inspects’ my car trunk when he sees me there. Depending on my mood, I just ignore him but sometimes my 'Uncle Dick' will come out and I will look for a confrontation with him and ask “CAN I HELP YOU!?” He’ll question something I have and I’ll say “LOOK JACK@$$, we go through this every EFFING time I come in here and YOU are doing a GREAT job at riling me up.” I get so fired up that I leave there without dumping anything! So most of the time, I load up my car with my recyclables and garbage and just stop at the other dump on the way home from work. The attendants are nice and it’s less stress to deal with.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I did more than pull a muscle in my arm because it hurts like a MOTHER when I try to do simple stuff like grab something out of the refrigerator. I’m not at liberty to tell you how it might have happened at this time. Just know that I was NOT doing anything out of the ordinary. I will tell you in due time Jedis. Patience…. 

AND LOOK!!!! I finally completed the steps!!!! Even with my arm all jacked up!

My friend Adam AKA ‘BoxcarWilly’ came over and helped me install them,

He couldn’t stay long because he had to catch a freight train going up to Beckley, WV. WHY there? I have no idea but being the HOBO he is, I don’t ask where and why he hops on freight trains. WHO AM I TO JUDGE!?!?!?

As you know, I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV the times I can just eat sunflower seeds and ponder life... Here is one of those times,

The porch is pressure washed and SEALED and might I say DANG GOOD LOOKIN' TOO!!!! YEAP! You 'saw right' I'm looking a little like Shaggy, ZOINKS!!!! I have chosen to grow my hair for a year and have it cut and donate it to Locks Of Love for kids with cancer..... It's the least I can do for poor kids that have to go through chemotherapy. CHEMO=DRAINO!!!!

I also decided to wear a bow tie to my nephew’s ‘FIRST STEP TOWARD GOING TO HEAVEN’ ceremony, AKA First Communion.

Now it was a struggle to learn how to tie one BUT with the help of this video and spending the majority of my lunch practicing, I showed that bow tie who was boss! ME DANG NABBIT!!!!

That's all I got for ya this month have a good one and BY THE WAY, if it’s on the internet then it’s GOT to be true, right!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

***** I want to apologize if you saw some GLARING misspellings or grammatical errors but my USUALLY RELIABLE, proofreader

was apparently too busy teaching new mothers how to breast feed their child until he/she is 6 years old to proofread my blog. So I am sorry!!!!!! 


Anonymous said…
Wow, big trip. You sure were close to me, probably within three hours. Thanks for stopping by, dick. Maybe next time we'll make the cut. Love you. Blake

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