This is the reason why I am one lucky SOB!!!!!

That's me on a big a$$ skid loader!!!!!!! WOW!!! The death and destruction, Manowar song, I could with that thing if I had one!!!! This was taken last weekend while up at my best friend Boike and his lovely wife's horse farm up in VA. They have over 550 acres of fun filled land!

Dang beautiful I tell ya!!! The place is pretty old too..... Check it out!!!!! It's sooooo old that trees are growing through the old farm equipment.

They have all kinds of toys up there!!!! I spend a lot of my time working on stuff like bush hoggin' their fields!!! It's basically a huge lawn mower. This one is 10 feet... This is the one I take out...

Bush hoggin' is my moment of zen. I love it and Boike and Mese do too because they can just throw me on that thing in the morning and I bush hog all day and their fields are mowed..... AHHHHH YES!!! I marinate with my ear plugs in and straw hat. I ponder everything out there..... Let me give you an example of the stuff I think about:
  • I wonder how the grass I planted is doing?
  • Should I break down and pay a nice pair of prescription sunglasses or just keep on getting the cheap ones from the Dollar store?
  • If my little nephew Charlie saw me on this thing he would be soooooo excited!!! That kid loves tractors!!!
  • I wonder what my MPG were in the Civic on the way up here???
  • I should not have asked that beautiful woman if I could check her for ticks... Bad pick up line! Note to self, Don't use it again.....
  • WHOW fella!!! Slow down! You are going too fast and Boike told you to take it slow and easy.
  • I wonder if the Sabres are going to win the cup? I hope so!!!! Man what a party that will be up in Buffalo!
  • DANG!! This seat is so uncomfortable!!!! Boike really needs to get some padding for it....
  • I really need to get the new Rush cd.... The one song I heard ROCKS!
  • When I get home I need to check about switching my auto and homeowners insurance to Farm Bureau.
  • Why did Boike put a plastic bag over the seat??? What's the purpose? It's definitely not making it any easier to sit on.....

You get the point... Pretty random stuff....

In all I had a great time.... Not only did I tear up the woods with the skid loader,

looks like Da Nang back in 68 after a nice round of bombing!!! Mese gave me my first riding lesson!!!!

Say hello to Blaze. He's a big boy but very gentle..... Mese taught me all the stuff just to get a horse ready to ride and then I took Blaze around in circles.... I'm not sure if I was actually directing him where to go or if he was just following Mese around because she had a pocket full of carrots.... Regardless, It was a blast!!!! Like the hat???? It's actually a helmet. When you are on a 2000 pound animal you don't want to take any chances.... I didn't want to pull a Christopher Reeves, God rest his soul.

AND!!! The grass is growing.... My R & D team, me, have come to the realization that the reason the grass is not growing in some of the areas is because the soil is just CRAP!!!!! I need to take a rototiller to it.

Well the first stop on the McBride world tour is complete and up next is Michigan International Speedway in June!!! WOO HOO!!!! I also have to get the LakeLand ready for the 4th of July.....

A HUGE tree fell out there and it needs to be cut up and the place needs to be mowed and raked so when a "certain" person comes down for the party he's not crying because he can't walk barefoot because he might step on a gum ball and hurt his delicate foot.... GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any volunteers are welcome to join me in the fun..... Just drop me a line.


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