Well I think this is going to do it for the site. I have done almost everything I needed to.... The house is up and running and I am one happy camper! I hope everyone who checked out my site enjoyed it..... It was hard work but it's all worth it. I know I made some jokes about mom and dad doing most of the work on this project but it's in good fun. I realize that I am one lucky S.O.B! What a minute!!!! Did I just call my mom a b$#ch???? YICKES!!! Seriously, I am very fortunate to have parents who worked thier butts off to get this place the way it needed to be. THANKS MOM & DAD!!!! To all who helped I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! I am now an official home owner. I look forward to spending all of my Saturdays mowing the yard, asking people to please take off thier shoes before coming in, cringing everytime one of my nephews drop thier sippy cups on the carpet and last but not least yelling at the neighborhood kids "Hey you punks! Get off of my grass". I leave you with pictures of the place when I first saw it to what it looks like today.


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