AHHHHHHHHH YES!!!! Did you think I forgot about you??????? They just installed my cable modem!!!! I AM BACK ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!! LOOK OUT!!!!! I took today off because the cable company gave me the "Well they will be out there to set up everything between 8-12" speech. Gotta love the it. Actually the guys came out around 9:30 and had it all set up in 15 minutes. I cannot believe how much my life depends on the internet! I do almost everything on it, banking, paying bills, news, shopping. It's as easy as my date for senior prom! KIDDING!!!! I didn't even go to prom. Well I'm all moved in. I official spent the first night here last Sunday, 9/4/05, and it was great! It is sooooo quiet at night except for this yappin' dog across the way..... GEEZ!!! That thing sounds like it's being tortured by one of Saddam's secret police on the west side of Baghdad..... Enough about the dog. In the last week I have been unpacking stuff. WOW!!! I have found things that I forgot I had. Some of the boxes haven't been open for almost 6 years. It's like Christmas morning everytime I open another box! This is the day I moved in. Nothing was unpacked yet.
HE HE HE HE HE!!!! Hey check out Big Ron's back!!!! That's sweat!! I didn't think it was that hot???


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