Now I know I'm old! The gutter guys came today and installed gutters. I was as excited to see them as I was when I was 7 and it was Christmas morning. They look GREAT!!!!! AND! They did the work without me paying them yet? God bless the honor system. Don't worry the check is being sent to them tomorrow morning in addition to a note telling them what a great job they did. I spent most of the evening working out in the back yard. There was this crappy looking tree stump that I dug up. I dug it out along with a honeysuckle bush that I plan on planting on the side of the front porch. After I pulled out the bush I saw it was intertwined with another plant. $20 bucks says it's poison oak. Better go and take a shower. That stuff makes me look like I have leprosy.

As for the hole in the yard..... You are looking at the official fire pit! Hell!!! I live out in the country. I can burn anything I want without a home owners association getting their boxers in a wad, because there isn't an association! YEAH!!!!! Seriously I plan on using it to burn all the debris around the property. There is a pile of wood that looks pretty nasty that will be the first to go along with any dead branches and other goodies I find. I figure that one weekend I can just hang out there and keep the fire going with all the crap I need to get rid of.

I worked on the deck too. It's all pressure washed and sealed. I also took down two satellite dishes, anybody need one, that were mounted on the railing. This probably was a conversation the people had, "HMMMMMMM????? We only have enough money to 1. Make the mortgage payment or 2. Pay for satellite service. What should we do honey? HECK sweetie you know I need my MTV Cribs and I love the late night pay per view! Pay the satellite bill." Here's a before and after of the deck. Improvement?????

Before I call it a night I wanted to let everyone who read about the hard wood floors that I Googled 'Chicks love hard wood floors' and I got a few porn sites and some pages dedicated to medicating erectile disfunction. There were no scientific studies to be found. And NO I did not check out the porn sites. They were not free!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one.....


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