I think the Beastie Boys said it best when they sang "HEY LADIES"..... Check out the hard wood floor!!!! Very impressive if I say myself. It was very cool to walk in and see that the hard wood section was put into place BUT!!!! As I walked in my nose picked up a hint of cigarette smoke! Now for the record I do not have a problem if you smoke, even though it's one nasty ass habit, but don't be going into someone's house and smoke without permission!!!! Not cool. Before I left the house I wrote a little note asking the guy to please not smoke in the house. Anyways, If you see to the right of the wood section you'll see a gold vent for the A/C. Rest a sure! That is sooooo gone. The people loved gold. All the outlet and light covers were that color. I have replaced almost everything with white. The A/C vents are next on the list when I go to Home Depot. I'm there so much that the check out lady knows me by name. Too bad she has never seen a dentist. She'd be alright lookin'. That reminds me! I need to floss before I go to bed tonight. The carpet should be in tomorrow and I'll have some pictures posted by that night.


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