I know I stated in January "I have decided that this will be my last entry for a while, maybe ever". So like KISS and their 'Farewell Tour' in 2000, I am back because there is ALWAYS something happening around casa de McBride and I KNOW with no doubt in my mind that YOU need to read about it!!!! I just needed to take a break for a few months, KOOL AND THE GANG!?!?! OKIE DOKIE and we go a lil' somethang like this, HIT IT!!!!

 Not gonna lie to ya, this year has kinda sucked so far. Let the BAD NEWS commence! So everyone knows now, and frankly I could give an EFF if you don't, BECAUSE THEY WERE A HUGE PART OF MY LIFE!!!!! Anyways, after a very long time, My best friend and his wife (who is like a sister to me) are no more. I was told NOT to delve into it further but I need to let you know my LIFE changed at 4:10PM on 4/19/13....

 As you know Wylie (a pupper I had with a former girlfriend) passed away in 2010 and it took me over 2 1/2 years to realize Mary, my old girlfriend, did something very cool!!! Now I, and people that I know, have not always looked at her in the ‘brightest light’ from time to time BUT what she did was a very sweet thing, and I for one think she is very cool for doing this. At the same time Wylie had to be put down, I had a friend who went out to New Mexico and was going to send me some dirt from there. WELL I got a package and I ASSUMED it was the dirt so I just put it in a cabinet for when I did something in the yard and I needed a little 'fill in' dirt. In those 2 1/2 years, I moved it to the garage. One day a few months ago I was cleaning out the garage and said to myself, “Open up that package and dump the dirt in the yard and get it OUT of the garage.” When I opened it, there was a note from Mary and a bag of some of Wylie’s ashes!!!!!! The note said that they were ashes and I might want to scatter them at Lake Wylie (HENCE her name)… AGAIN, VERY COOL OF HER TO DO! So some of the ashes are by one of the trees I have in the front and off a dock at Lake Wylie.

 I turned 40 in April and I am happy to report that I haven’t had a midlife crisis yet and bought a Vette!

 My best friend’s (yeah the same one going through a divorce - it's not just a kick in the balls for him but it's when someone uses the top of their foot and causes a 'slapping' effect) dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and so I told Mrs. Boike that EVERYTHING that I am going through (Going to Duke Medical) is on hold because I can deal with my issues and she has A LOT on her plate! So with a ton on my mind, I went on my annual tour to go visit people in the OH., NY., PA. areas. Usually VA. is the last stop BUT I made the call NOT to go down there. Do I regret my decision? Is the Pope Catholic????? ANYWAYS, let's start;

 The night before I was to leave, my old friends Mike Carbonara and Boike came over and we had a couple, OK A LOT, of beers and talked about ‘stuff’ on the front porch. Needless to say, I didn’t get on the road until around 8ish and let me tell ya, driving eight hours with a bitchin’ hangover kinda stinks…

Mansfield, OH-

The first stop was Grandma McBride’s apartment at the assisted living complex in Mansfield, OH. She is 94 and can hardly see but STILL INSISTS to do everything herself. She made some Stouffers lasagna, like she did EVERY NIGHT when her and Grandpa watched me in 1989 while Catholic KATE and Big RON went to Hawaii. The next morning we went to breakfast with Sue who takes very good care of grandma and is just a freakin’ SAINT!!!!! We then went for a walk around the complex and she pointed out plants that she likes to take care of. AGAIN FOLKS SHE CAN HARDLY SEE BUT SHE MAKES DUE!!!!!! I then went to my cousin Chris’s house and he drove me around to some places I have NEVER seen and/or not seen in years…. One place we SHOULD NOT have drove by was my Nana’s old house! GOOD LORD!!!! WHAT A DUMP!!!! I will just leave it at that because I will get too upset about it. ANYWAYS! It was very cool to just hang out with him on his back patio and shoot the $hit about the demons that every family has, our grandpa and the Pink Floyd concert (which was his first) he and 90K other people were at in 1977 at the old Cleveland Stadium! HA!!!!!!!

 One or the first regrets of the trip occurred the 2nd day I was there. I decided NOT to see my 95 year old Nana at the nursing home, I KINDA know myself and I don’t think I could handle it. This has been ‘weighing’ on my mind since the last time I saw her in June 2012. Kripes when I went to see her at the nursing home, I almost ‘lost’ it. I know she doesn’t even know me anymore and from what the hospice nurses have said, she is very thin and feeble.

 Before heading out, I stopped by casa de Amy (She’s my cousin) in a way it’s like mine, in shouting distance of a race track. Mine is Lancaster Speedway and her’s is Mid-Ohio. FYI- her hubby is pretty funny, I can’t go into detail BUT his body language around some people is pretty funny. Then I drove up to Cleveland for a game at Progressive field or whatever they call it now, for an Indians game.

 I ALWAYS stay at my friend Scott and Dustin’s house where the hospitality ALWAYS rules and the beer is always cold! After last year's debacle of getting super drunk thus having a terrible hangover the next day. I only had a couple and we just hung outside and chit chatted for a little bit. YES!!!!! They are a gay couple!!! I know you were wondering that and don't lie and say you weren't. GET READY cause' I'm sooooooooooo getting on my soap box!!! TEST 1-2-3!!!! This thing on? OKIE DOKIE!!!! They are the coolest guys and they are A LOT nicer to fellow humans then some. I would LOVE to find a girl that loves me as much as Scott and Dustin love each other!!! THERE! I'm off now. 

 I will have an update for you next Monday, OKIE DOKIE???


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