It's ART & CRAFTSPALOOZA at casa de McBride! What do you get when you combine old stuff you have collected over the years, spare parts that you have in your garage, a coffee table with a glass top and some MAD 'redneck skills'??????  A SWEET @$$ coffee table that's what!!!!!!!!

The only thing missing is Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables... I also constructed some 'other' stuff BUT that's as much as I can say because I plan on giving it to some people for Christmas.......

Speaking of the BIG GUY's BIRTH, wanna see all of my decorating??? DON'T BLINK CAUSE YA MIGHT MISS IT!!!!!!

HA!!!!!! It consists of a wreath on the door a ceramic tree and this YEAR a new edition! A Christmas tree I found while cleaning out a closet.

Not much else is afoot at Casa De McBride, I tend to hibernate during the late fall and winter..... MMMMMMMMMMM my couch!!!!! Where was I?!?!?!?! OH YEAH, I hope everyone was like me and ate WAY TOO MUCH turkey on 'GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY' (Thanksgiving) and then relaxed by a fire that your little nephews and cousins helped ya build!

I won't be talkin' to ya until January so I wanna wish all of you a FELIZ NAVIDAD
and as always WISH all the people that say they 'LOVE MY BLOG' but haven't acually read it, MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!!

Oh and I want you to consider this my Christmas card to you! 95% of them include a letter telling you all that has happened in the last year. If ya want to know what I've been doing the last year click here!

How easy was that????? Just click on the link and WAA LAA, All the info you EVER wanted to know!!!!!! Sorry this is so short but I have a deadline to meet! I gotta send it to Amanda, my proofreader, so she can look it over and 'suggest' any corrections so I can post it by Dec 1st. Keep it real and DON'T be FAKE!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Hope you have a happy Christmas good cuz I'll be there the day ARE still coming here, aren't you??? Love you and God bless

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